Month: October 2011


Contract Type: Conventional Bid/ Design-Build
Contract Amount: $124 million
Location: Miami-Dade County, Florida
Client: FDOT District Six
Design Partner: New Millenium Design Consultants, Inc.
Completed: July 2011

The project was completed 126 days ahead of schedule, achieved a final Contractor Past Performance Rating (CPPR) of 106, and received the 2012 FTBA Best in Construction Award (Major Bridge).

The project includes a one-mile viaduct over NW 25th Street, DERM drainage canal and four active rail lines. It is a major bridge project and includes twin 28-span viaduct structures and two ramp bridges. Design-Build specifications were implemented after the de Moya Group submitted a value added proposal to the Department to bring the project under the maximum bid price.

Project Features:

    • Work included 130 individual deck pours over the 67 bridge spans.
    • Complex bridge construction with a combination of concrete pier caps and structural steel straddle caps with weights up to 400,000 lbs.
    • Complex construction sequences to minimize impacts to traffic on NW 25th Street and railroad operations while building the massive structure overhead.
    • Construction activities included MSE walls, straddle bents, piles and pile cap foundations, an anchored bulkhead wall, and 14-foot diameter culverts.
    • The de Moya Group provided a proactive management team that resolved all constructability issues prior to affecting the project schedule.
    • Required a total of 139 mass concrete pours.
    • Existing utilities were avoided while building pile foundations, underground drainage system, water mains, force mains, and gravity sewer lines.
    • Construction of seven large diameter culverts (up to 14 foot in diameter).
    • The project received the 2011 ASCE Project of the Year Award (Miami-Dade County) and the 2012 FTBA Best in Construction Award (Major Bridge).

25th year Anniversary of the de Moya Group

Founded in 1986, the de Moya Group is celebrating their 25th year in business having maintained a solid professional reputation for the past 25 years. With humble beginnings founded in the garage of President, Armando de Moya, the de Moya Group has the experience and resources to now self perform all major work categories on FDOT projects.

Over the past 25 years, the company has built some of the largest Design-Build and Conventional Bid Highway and Bridge Projects in Florida including five projects in last five years with construction values of $71 million to $190 million, and has maintained a three-year average FDOT Contractor Past Performance Rating (CPPR) of 99%.

The company’s current bonding capacity is $800 million aggregate and $400 million for individual projects. Here’s to the next 25!


Contract Type: Conventional Bid
Contract Amount: $103 million
Location: Broward County, Florida
Client: FDOT Turnpike Enterprise
Completed: 2010


  • $103 million project including seven miles of Florida Turnpike widening, seven bridges, six miles of soundwalls, 685,000 cubic yards of embankment and 110,000 tons of asphalt.
  • The de Moya Group achieved several milestone bonuses and the project was completed more than 200 days ahead of schedule.
  • The de Moya Group submitted several Value Engineering Cost Proposals for the project that were approved by the Turnpike including a one-mile box culvert redesign.
  • The de Moya Group also provided $15 million in savings to FDOT at project bid time.
  • Extensive utility coordination was required due to a major gas main relocation during construction.
  • Work required complex construction sequences in conjunction with lane closures to maintain traffic on the Turnpike during nighttime construction operations.  The project required approximately 80 major traffic switches on the Turnpike.
  • The de Moya Group achieved a Final Contractor Past Performance Rating (CPPR) of 97 for the project.
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