The de Moya Group Introduces Safety Score Cards

The de Moya Group places top priority on the safety of its workers and the public when performing work.  Promotion and enhancement of work site safety is always given the highest priority throughout the design, work planning and construction phases of all our projects.

All de Moya Group employees, managers, and subcontractors are dedicated to following a stringent written safety, health and accident prevention program which includes a full-time site safety director, Mr. Roger Fritze.  Mr. Fritze inspects the worksites regularly, develops and implements project specific safety plans, and ensures compliance with OSHA regulations.

The purpose of the newly implemented Safety Score Card is to provide a leading measurement on our safety program’s progress.   Points are added or deducted for field observation conduct (points added for compliance and deducted for non-compliance), and the scores are totaled each week for each supervisor/ foremen in charge.  A bi-monthly score is totaled and distributed to the respective supervisors/ foremen.  Point scores are measured based on the average crew size for each supervisor during that bi-monthly time period and rated as points per crew member.

Recent top point earners include;

  • April, 2012: Two crews from the pre-stress yard (Alex Jaimes’ and Johnny Cain’s) as well as Mark Geiger’s bridge crew were recognized for their efforts and achievements in the safety program
  • June, 2012: Gary Allen’s bridge crew was recognized for the highest safety score.  Their proactive safety awareness on their job sites combined with their weekly safety meetings led to their high score.

We are proud to say that we are continually promoting and seeing improvements in the performance of work place safety by our crews.

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