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Interstate 4 Widening from SR 44 to East of I-95

Contract Type: Design-Build

Contract Amount: $134.4 million

Location: Volusia County, Florida

Client: FDOT District Five

JV Partner: Condotte America, Inc.

Design Partner: BCC Engineering, Inc.

Project Gears Eye Candy
Improvements to this 14 mile section of I-4 consist primarily of outside widening to provide a 6-lane typical section. All lanes will slope towards the outside with a 68 foot median envelope provided for a future High Speed Rail (HSR) Corridor.  The project also includes three new wildlife crossings, replacement of the I-4 bridges over the Tomoka River, reconstruction of the US 92/ I-4 Ramp “A” flyover and reconstruction of the westbound US 92 to westbound I-4 flyover ramp.   
The de Moya JV Team developed 17 design innovations focused on providing the best value to the Department for this project and received the highest technical score for their approach.

Project Features:

  • Fourteen miles of widening and reconstruction with concrete pavement utilized for the final wearing surface.
  • New flyover ramps for the I-4/ US 92 interchange.
  • The JV Team’s design for the geometric alignment of the US 92/ I-4 Ramp “A” flyover provides a 60 mph design speed while reducing the overall bridge length and offers a virtually maintenance free concrete superstructure.
  • The de Moya Group developed a strong logistical plan to handle the importing of materials to the site safely and effectively.
  • An FDOT certified concrete plant will be set up on site for the concrete paving operations. The concrete plant will be capable of producing over 120 cubic yards per hour.
  • The project lies within a highly environmentally sensitive area with extensive impacts to wetlands.  The JV Team’s design approach minimizes impacts to these areas and maximizes the use of upland areas for improvements.
  • Key scopes of work on the project include: 1,500,000 cubic yards of embankment (115,000 dump truck loads), 230,000 cubic yards of structural concrete (23,000 concrete trucks) and 150,000 tons of asphalt (7,000 dump truck loads).
  • The JV Team reduced the project schedule by nearly one year, from 1260 days proposed to 900 days.