In the past year, Alisa and Armando de Moya have become very passionate about donating blood knowing how vital and lifesaving it is to all cancer patients.

In Armando’s honor and in recognition of survivors everywhere, the de Moya Group hosted Blood Drives at its Main Office on Friday, April 25, 2014, and at its Fort Myers office on Friday, May 2, 2014.

Between the two events, three buses were available for 5 hours, handling up to 20 people each hour for a total of nearly 300 hundred possible donations!

Several platelet donations were also made at the Miami event. Because the platelets must be used within 5 days, all platelet donations went directly from the blood lab straight to a cancer recipient in need. We truly saved lives in a matter of days!

Donors at the Miami event were also able to sign up for the Bone Marrow Registry.

Through this experience, the de Moya Family has learned the importance of donating blood and platelets and how this process saves lives each and every day.

SR 826 / SR 874 Interchange completes 167 days early, receives 2012 FTBA Best in Construction Award (Interchange)

The SR 826 / SR 874 project is Section 2 of FDOT’s 12-part Palmetto Expressway (SR 826) Improvement Program.  The $190 million project involved the widening and reconstruction of SR 826 and the reconstruction of SR 874, two Service Interchanges (SW 56th Street & SW 40th Street), one System to System Interchange (SR 826/ SR 874) and eight bridge structures, including four Category 2 major bridges.  Along SR 826 a system of collector-distributor roads was constructed to relieve congestion and improve traffic operations between the three closely spaced interchanges.  The interchanges at Bird Road and Miller Drive were reconfigured, and capacity was maximized at all ramp terminals and along the arterial roadways.  Eight new bridge structures were constructed including four severely skewed steel girder bridges over SR 874 and the CSX Railroad and four prestressed concrete bridges. Two of these prestressed concrete bridges utilized Florida I-Beam (FIB) girders, and the bridge over Bird Road was the first bridge to utilize FIB girders in the state.

During the selection process, the technical proposal submitted by the de Moya-Condotte JV received the highest technical score and provided a $53 million savings to the FDOT while at the same time improving traffic operations.  The JV Team’s innovative approach entailed multiple bridges, side by side, with eight bridges that were 22 lanes wide, leaving not an inch of right-of-way to spare.

The de Moya JV Team completed the project in March, 2012, 167 days early and with a Final Contractor Past Performance Rating (CPPR) of 106.  As a JV Partner on the project, de Moya was directly responsible for over $110 million of the contract work.

For their exceptional performance on this project, the de Moya JV Team was awarded the prestigious 2012 FTBA Best in Construction Award (Design-Build).  Factors leading to the award include;

  • Innovative Construction Methods:    
    • First Florida I-Beam bridge structure in the state.
    • Design-Build team provided MOT enhancements throughout the life of the project to advance construction, leading to the early completion of the project.
    • Severely skewed steel bridges (max skew of 67 degrees) required complex deck pouring sequences.
  • Quality of Construction
    • 100% of all concrete met the requirements of the specifications and the team achieved 100% success in complying with the mass concrete temperature requirements.
    • Average asphalt composite pay factor on the project was 1.04.
  • Other Factors
    • ITS and local agency extra work was added to the contract without an increase in contract time.
    • The JV Team achieved 11% DBE utilization and exceeded OJT trainee requirements.
    • The hard work and partnership of lead design firm (BCC Engineering, Inc.), CEI Consultant (New Millennium Engineering, Inc.) and FDOT District 6 were instrumental to the success of this project.

NW 25th Street Viaduct Project completes 126 days early and receives 2012 FTBA Best in Construction Award (Major Bridge)

The NW 25th Street Viaduct project included the total reconstruction of NW 25th Street from the Palmetto Expressway (SR 826) to NW 67th Avenue, as well as an additional westbound lane from west of NW 70th Avenue to SR 826, a new connection to NW 25th Street at NW 74th Avenue, installation of new water and sewer mains, and new lighting and signalization.

The construction of the viaduct, mainly situated over the westbound lanes of NW 25th Street, began just east of SR 826 to NW 68th Avenue where it curves southward terminating at NW 22nd Street.  The structure is elevated approximately 30 feet.

Project Challenges included:

  • Approximately 2 miles of total bridge length, including twin mainline steel structures and ramp bridges.
  • 67 bridge spans requiring more than 130 deck pours and 139 mass concrete pours.
  • Erection of steel straddle caps with weights up to 400,000 lbs.
  • 21 million lbs. of structural steel was required for the project.
  • Avoidance of numerous existing utilities was required while building the pile foundations, underground drainage system, water mains, force mains, and gravity sewer lines.
  • Construction included seven large diameter culverts (up to 14 foot in diameter).
  • Coordination was required with an array of stakeholders (MIA, Miami-Dade County Public Works, City of Doral, DERM, SFWMD, as well as various utility owners (WASD, MCI, gas, jet fuel pipe line, FPL).

This complex project also received the Miami Dade American Society of Civil Engineers/ ASCE Miami Dade County Project of the Year Award (2011)!

The de Moya Group Introduces Safety Score Cards

The de Moya Group places top priority on the safety of its workers and the public when performing work.  Promotion and enhancement of work site safety is always given the highest priority throughout the design, work planning and construction phases of all our projects.

All de Moya Group employees, managers, and subcontractors are dedicated to following a stringent written safety, health and accident prevention program which includes a full-time site safety director, Mr. Roger Fritze.  Mr. Fritze inspects the worksites regularly, develops and implements project specific safety plans, and ensures compliance with OSHA regulations.

The purpose of the newly implemented Safety Score Card is to provide a leading measurement on our safety program’s progress.   Points are added or deducted for field observation conduct (points added for compliance and deducted for non-compliance), and the scores are totaled each week for each supervisor/ foremen in charge.  A bi-monthly score is totaled and distributed to the respective supervisors/ foremen.  Point scores are measured based on the average crew size for each supervisor during that bi-monthly time period and rated as points per crew member.

Recent top point earners include;

  • April, 2012: Two crews from the pre-stress yard (Alex Jaimes’ and Johnny Cain’s) as well as Mark Geiger’s bridge crew were recognized for their efforts and achievements in the safety program
  • June, 2012: Gary Allen’s bridge crew was recognized for the highest safety score.  Their proactive safety awareness on their job sites combined with their weekly safety meetings led to their high score.

We are proud to say that we are continually promoting and seeing improvements in the performance of work place safety by our crews.

25th year Anniversary of the de Moya Group

Founded in 1986, the de Moya Group is celebrating their 25th year in business having maintained a solid professional reputation for the past 25 years. With humble beginnings founded in the garage of President, Armando de Moya, the de Moya Group has the experience and resources to now self perform all major work categories on FDOT projects.

Over the past 25 years, the company has built some of the largest Design-Build and Conventional Bid Highway and Bridge Projects in Florida including five projects in last five years with construction values of $71 million to $190 million, and has maintained a three-year average FDOT Contractor Past Performance Rating (CPPR) of 99%.

The company’s current bonding capacity is $800 million aggregate and $400 million for individual projects. Here’s to the next 25!

I-75 (16 miles) wins 2011 FTBA Best in Construction Award (Alternative Contracting)

On August 5, 2011, the de Moya Group was presented with the Florida Transportation Builders Association Best in Construction Award by FDOT State Secretary of Transportation Ananth Prasad, P.E.

This $18 million, 16-mile resurfacing project in Broward County along I-75 (Alligator Alley) from MP 35.000 to a point west of US 27 (MP 18.870) included pavement restoration & rehabilitation, new signing & pavement markings, landscaping, expansion joint replacement on 22 bridges and upgrade of all existing call boxes within the project limits.

Even in this remote location, Asphalt Group, Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of the de Moya Group) was able to place 3.8 miles/ over 1,600 tons of asphalt in a single day and averaged 2 ½ miles and 1,400 tons of asphalt per day. This production rate was maintained throughout the thirty-two miles of asphalt placed (sixteen miles in each direction).

In addition, the maintenance of traffic during the paving operations was executed without incident, with limited disruption to the traveling public and with no construction related accidents.

The de Moya Group proposed changing the original designed inside shoulder widening (6 ft) pavement design from Optional Base Group-4 (4”) Asphalt –Type B-12.5 only and one inch (1”) SP structural course Traffic Level-C to Optional Base Group-5 (7”) limerock base and one and half inch (1.5”) SP structural course Traffic Level-C at no additional cost to the FDOT. This change eliminated multiple lifts of asphalt base and allowed for increased production with the use of limerock base. In addition, this modification created a safer workzone by reducing drop-off conditions. The FDOT realized a 50 calendar day credit for implementation of this proposal in addition to receiving an upgrade to the original base group design.

Thanks to Grant Cool, John Allen and Walter Brewer for making this project a success!

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